Scheduling your test


Before you schedule your test, please make sure that:

  • The OMPT is accepted by your university's admissions office.
  • You have registered an account on the Online Mathematics Placement Test platform.
  • You have purchased a test attempt on the Online Mathematics Placement Test platform

Please choose Online Mathematics Placement Test as your institution when registering on ProctorU. The university you're applying to will NOT be on the list.


Fill out the rest of your information. Make sure to choose the correct timezone. When you're done, click the 'Create Account' button.


Click the 'Schedule New Session' button on the ProctorU platform.


Please select the following, and click the 'Find Session' button when you're done:

Online Mathematics Placement Test

For exams taken after September 1, 2021, choose: Admission before September 1, 2022

Select the exam you wish to schedule


Choose your desired date and time. You have to schedule the test at least 3 days in advance. Click the 'Find Available Times' button. ProctorU will have to connect you with a live proctor for the exam set-up, so you will see a list of available dates and times open up on the right side of the screen. Select the date and time you wish to schedule the exam by clicking on the 'Select' button'. Click the 'Schedule' button to confirm.


ProctorU will give you a receipt for €0 for their proctoring services, as we have already paid the proctoring costs for you. You still have to purchase a test attempt on the OMPT platform, or you will not gain access to the exam.

If you have trouble booking the exams, please send ProctorU a message via live chat so they can assist you.

Not every university program allows 3 attempts. Click here to see the exceptions