A simple & clear process


Check with your admission office whether or not they accept the OMPT. The admission office might have given you a link.


If you’re interested in taking the test, you can register below. You will be able to choose your university and program to ensure you take the correct test. Registering is not an obligation to take the test. Registering will take you to the OMPT platform.


Purchase a test attempt in the OMPT webshop found on the platform. You can also purchase practice material and/or a mock exam. If you take the mock exam, you will receive your score per topic within 5 business days. You will also be able to review the correct answers to see where you may have made some mistakes.


Schedule your date and time. Because we work with live proctors during the set-up, you have to schedule the test at least 3 days in advance. You can check with your admission office to see if your chosen date and time is acceptable. ProctorU will give you a receipt for €0 for their proctoring services, as we have already paid the proctoring costs for you.

How to schedule my test?

On test day, complete the test. Note that you can only access the exam through a URL the ProctorU live proctor gives you. If you do not purchase a test attempt, this URL will not work.


You will receive a digital certificate of completion and your score per topic within 5 business days of taking the test. Send this certificate to your admission office to check if your results make you eligible for enrollment; the minimum passing grade is determined by the university. It is possible your university has requested OMPT to send certificates directly to them. To protect the integrity of our online examination, you cannot review the answers of the real exam.

Not every university program allows 3 attempts. Click here to see the exceptions